Indian Railways Train Time Table

Belvandi Railway Station Train Time Table

Get information on arrival and departure times of all trains passing through Belvandi railway station (station code: BWD).

Belvandi Station Train Schedule
51402: Mmr Pune Pass
Manmad Jn to Pune Jn
Runs on ALL DAYS
51401: Pune Mmr Pass
Pune Jn to Manmad Jn
Runs on ALL DAYS
57516: Ned-dd Pass
Nanded to Daund Jn
Runs on ALL DAYS
57515: Dd-ned Pass
Daund Jn to Nanded
Runs on ALL DAYS
51422: Nzb-pune Passenger
Nizamabad to Pune Jn
Runs on ALL DAYS
51421: Pune-nzb Passenger
Pune Jn to Nizamabad
Runs on ALL DAYS

Color Indicators:
Green indicates that Belvandi is starting station for the train.
Red indicates that Belvandi is final stop for the train.
Blue indicates passing-by trains halting at Belvandi station.

Connecting Trains

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