Indian Railways Train Time Table

Bhivpuri Road to Bombay Masjid Train Time Table

This is a listing of arrival and departure times of all trains passing from Bhivpuri Road (code: BVS) to Bombay Masjid (code: MSD) railway stations.

The distance between Bhivpuri Road and Bombay Masjid is 92 km. The time taken to cover the distance is . The distance and time values are average values of all trains across all routes between the two stations.

Schedule of Trains from Bhivpuri Road to Bombay Masjid
96102, S2
Runs on ALL DAYS
96104, S4
Runs on ALL DAYS
96106, S6
Runs on ALL DAYS
96114, S48
Runs on ALL DAYS
96116, S50
Runs on ALL DAYS
96018, Kp12
Runs on ALL DAYS

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Connecting Trains

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